Single-stage incubators

Item Id: Item Id: IH-11

Dayal incubators are designed and built to maximise hatchery performance technically and economically... year after year. Modern breeds demand a lot from your incubation equipment. Dayal incubators create the ideal biosphere for your hatching eggs in accordance with the latest incubation methodologies. Whatever your needs are, multi- or single-stage incubation, Dayal has the right model for you to provide you with the maximum profit for life.



Fully automated, modular hatching system, with counter-flow based airflow for the accurate regulation of temperature, heating, cooling, humidity and ventilation,produces healthy, highly uniform day old chicks.Modular hatcher control prevents cross contamination from older to younger batches, because eggs of different ages need not be mixed. Securely placed and compartmentalized sensors in the central operating console allow for high pressure cleaning without risking damage. All surfaces, fixings and finishes are designed to resist the ingress of moisture and bacteria, preventing the creation of dirt traps.

Technical Specifications

              Type                    IH-11
Capacity Hen eggs ( 102 egg tray )11,424
Capacity Hen eggs ( 101 egg tray )11,312
Capacity Hen eggs ( 90 egg tray )10,080
Capacity Quail eggs ( 264 egg tray )29,568
Capacity Duck/Turkey  eggs ( 60 egg tray )6,720
Length/width*/height (Inches)87” x 84” x 82”
Number of Hatcher dolleys4
Number of trays112
Hatcher tray dimensions (Inches)31” x 16” x 5.75”
Modular designHeating, cooling, humidification and ventilation systems in each incubation section
HeatingElectrical heating and Heating copper coil
CoolingWater cooling coil system
HumidificationClassic Gunny Ring       Ultrasonic Humidifier (Optional) 
Incubator controlDigital control       PLC Based (Optional)
ESM (Digital Control Only)Energy Saving Module
HousingFully sealed cabinet; robust, easy-to-clean construction ; extruded, anodized powder coated aluminium profiles for maximum stability and ease of installation; HPL panels with maximum insulation value; 2-lock door system, includes solid hinges, airtight sealing rubbers and solid door handles
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